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All The Services Your Agency Needs To Thrive

Welcome to Beacon Surety & Agency Services!

We offer all of the services your bail bonds agency needs to thrive in today’s competitive and often chaotic market.


If you’re a bail agent looking to further your career, or you already have an agency but you need support, please talk with us! We can help you to launch & grow a successful bail agency in the Southeastern United States. We also hire retail bail agents through Beacon Bail Bonding LLC


Our partner, Advanced Community Solutions, offers a variety of low-risk offender tracking, GPS monitoring, drug testing, and alcohol monitoring services. We can also contract with you to apprehend defendants who fail to comply with court-ordered monitoring.


North Carolina Apprehension Team is considered one of the best fugitive recovery teams in the nation, for good reason. We have some of the top agents when it comes to locating and apprehending what we call “voluntarily missing people”. Our track record speaks for itself: hundreds of cases closed yearly!