Services & Connection

Are you a bail agent who’s looking to make this a real career … maybe even launch your own agency? Are you an agency owner who needs support so that your company can thrive? Are you an agency owner under an MGA, but you feel like you’re ready to go direct?


Beacon Surety & Agency Services offers a variety of support so that you can focus on what YOU do best.

  • Paperwork
  • Powers Management
  • Defendant Tracking, Monitoring, and Testing
  • Forfeitures Tracking
  • Skip Tracing
  • Fugitive Recovery
  • Filing Set-Asides
  • Negotiating With School Board Attorneys or the Courts
  • Best Practices Advice
  • National Association of Bail Agents Membership
  • Nationwide Referrals & Connections
  • And more!

Give Miss Kay a call to discuss how we can help your agency! Her number is 910-859-1150. Alternatively, fill out this form and Miss Kay will call you back.

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